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Temple Aluminum Foundry, Inc.

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Temple Aluminum Foundry is a family owned corporation located in southeastern Pennsylvania that was founded in 1952 as a manufacturer of aluminum sand castings for the commercial and industrial markets.

Quality Casting Since 1952

Who We Are

Temple Aluminum Foundry, Inc. is a family owned corporation that has been manufacturing aluminum sand castings since 1952. Founded by James Schoellkopf, Sr. the foundry is currently managed by his second and third generation descendants. Over the years the facility has been expanded to 55,000 square feet with an 80 ton sand handing system supplying automatic and manual molding lines.

We have a very diversified customer base of 250 companies and over 2,500 patterns. The castings produced include commercial lighting, motor housings, electrical enclosures and fittings, fans and blowers, truck hardware, and numerous other aluminum sand castings.

Our automatic sand molding capabilities include a 14″x19″ Hunter 10 and 20″x24″ Sinto FBO III. We also utilize manual squeeze and floor ram molding lines with a variety of flask sizes. The majority of our cores are produced using the shell core process, but we also have no bake and CO2 core systems in place.

Temple Aluminum also has three product lines which we manufacture, stock, and distribute. The flagpole hardware line includes pole brackets, grave markers, and flat mount flag holders. In 1960 the line of cast builder’s hardware was developed consisting of snow guards, chimney clean outs, coal doors, and post bases. The third product line consisting of concrete lawn ornament molds, deer antlers, and other concrete related items was developed in the 1970s.

Our staff of 30 dedicated employees are committed to providing quality, American made products to fit nearly any casting need.